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Further to advertisements, our products will offer enhanced need of maximum time utilization being one of the most limited resources in everyday’s life. Our services are available for everyone within the borders of Kenya and beyond on demand. The company’s well trained crew will offer the services to your satisfaction and accordingly. Our efficiency will be supported by the ever growing technology, Research and development of new products which are environmental and user friendly. Our technical team has a wide experience in provision of Advertising services, Marketing solutions, Timed control circuits, Site synchronization which can be summarized as below:-

Eye catching Advertisements

photo(2)on clocks in strategic locations and common areas that are a must see as you read the time.




Our clocks are lit at night ensuring 24hr visibility

TRM CLOCK AT NIGHTby the use of the latest state of the art distribution systems in Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Railway stations and Airports etc having in mind that these and many others are all time oriented and time is of essence.




3d Illuminated Lettering Signs

3D lettering signs are mainly utilized  in today’s market for highly visual signs.Our 3D lettering and logos can be custom made and designed in a variety of sizes and colours. These can be hosted on our clocks as additional service; either Letters,Logos or Customised product die-cards



Clock Tower Installation,Maintenance & Repair Services

Clock towers serve as aesthetics and elicit great admiration from onlookers  especially when well maintained.They also serve as Landmarks or Iconic  features where ever they are installed.We undertake installation,maintenance and repairs of all types of clock.

About Country Clock Kenya

Country Clock Kenya limited is an undisputed Kenyan innovation a brain child of young entrepreneurs that was incorporated in 2012 aimed at taking care of the void in offering superior Indoor and Outdoor advertising, marketing solutions,

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